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If you’re concerned about your hearing, a professional hearing test is a great way to find answers. A hearing test only takes 20-30 minutes start to finish and is a straightforward and painless process. The best way to get the most relevant and helpful information from a hearing test is to work with a doctor of audiology who has the skills and experience needed to assess your hearing. These screenings are also often covered by health insurance, helping you keep your costs low while getting the care you need. At Beneficial Hearing Aid Center in Ocala, Florida, Leigh Ann Watts, AUD, CCC-A, and Allison McMichael, AUD, offer the latest tools and techniques to perform cutting-edge hearing testing. Booking an appointment is as simple as a phone call or a few moments on the online scheduling page.

Hearing Test

What is a hearing test?

A hearing test is a professional evaluation to determine if your hearing has suffered impairment. These simple tests provide significant insight into how well the structures of your ears are working and give the team an indication of which types of intervention might offer improvement. 

Hearing is a subjective matter, and hearing loss can creep up over time. Your brain has an astounding capacity to accommodate change, and you may have learned to work around your hearing loss for years before you decide to come in for a professional hearing test. 

What types of hearing tests are available?

There are several commonly used tests to evaluate your hearing function. An air conduction test checks your ability to hear through your ear canal, a bone conduction test evaluates how well you can hear through the bone tissue near your ears, and a speech test checks your ability to understand language. 

Other types of tests that check the structure of your eardrum or evaluate how well your auditory nerves are functioning. All types of hearing tests are safe and painless, so there’s no need to worry. 

What happens during a hearing test?

During a hearing test, you’ll wear a set of special headphones as you sit comfortably in a quiet room. A small receiver is placed near the bone tissue surrounding your ear. Those devices are connected to a special instrument called an audiometer. 

The doctor performing your test can communicate with you through the headphones. You’ll begin to hear tones at different volumes and pitches. 

When you hear a tone, you’ll indicate that to your doctor as directed. The test is designed to identify the softest sounds you are able to perceive. 

Your test might also include a speech evaluation. You’ll hear words spoken at a very soft level and be asked to repeat those words. This test allows your provider to determine the level of sound you are most comfortable with, which can help guide your hearing aid options. 

What happens after my hearing test?

The results of your hearing test are displayed on an audiogram, which is a special graph that shows your hearing function at varying pitches and frequencies. 

The team at Beneficial Hearing Aid Center will interpret those results and discuss the best course of action to improve your hearing. 

While there are several online hearing tests marketed directly to patients, these tools cannot match the precision and customization of a face-to-face hearing test with a trained audiologist. 

If you have questions about the hearing test process or would like to schedule an appointment, call the office today or visit the online booking page.