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If you’re living with hearing loss, hearing aids can transform your life. Technological advancements have created an impressive array of hearing aid styles and options to choose from. Not only are there different options to address a wide range of hearing needs, there are also choices to meet your comfort and aesthetic preferences. For many men and women, the sheer volume of available choices can feel overwhelming, but at Beneficial Hearing Aid Center in Ocala, Florida, highly skilled providers Leigh Ann Watts, AUD, CCC-A, and Allison McMichael, AUD, are highly qualified providers who can help you find the hearing aid that is best suited for your needs. Whether you are considering trying hearing aids for the first time or are ready to explore the latest options to replace an existing hearing aid system, schedule an appointment at Beneficial Hearing Aid Center online or by phone to get started.

Hearing Aids

What are hearing aids?

Hearing aids are tiny electronic devices that you wear behind or in your ear to improve your hearing. Today’s hearing aid options are basically tiny computers that fit within your ear.

Hearing loss is a common condition, but it’s estimated that only one out of every five men and women who could benefit from a hearing aid take advantage of this technology. At Beneficial Hearing Aid Center, the team is dedicated to helping patients find the hearing aid option that is best suited to their particular set of needs. 

What are some different styles of hearing aids?

There are several styles of hearing aids, and finding the right option takes professional guidance and a degree of trial and error. 



These hearing aids are worn behind your ears and connect to a plastic earmold that fits snugly in the outer portion of your ear. 

Sounds enter the earmold and are magnified as they are directed into your ear. An open-fit option uses only a small tube to enter your outer ear and is a good option for men and women who produce excessive earwax. 



These hearing aids fit completely inside the outer portion of your ear. The electronic components are housed in a hard plastic shell. 

Some options include a telecoil, which is a small magnetic coil that directs sound through the circuitry of the device and not the microphone. That improves hearing while on the phone or in settings with induction loop systems, like schools, airports, and auditoriums. 



These hearing aids fit the exact size and shape of your ear canal and are virtually invisible when worn. They lack the volume and power of the larger options, but can be a good fit for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. 

Don’t let the volume of available options intimidate you. Your doctor will explain the pros and cons of each choice to help you make an informed decision about the hearing aid that’s right for you. 


Will hearing aids restore my hearing loss?

A hearing aid is a device that helps to improve your hearing after hearing loss. It isn’t a cure for hearing loss, and will not reverse the damage that has already been done.

What a hearing aid can do is help you become more aware of the sounds around you and where they are coming from. Over time, that can vastly improve your hearing while wearing your hearing aids. 

To explore the available options in more detail, call or schedule an appointment online today.