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Cerumen buildup can get in the way of optimal hearing, both before and after you have hearing aids. While everyone has a degree of cerumen in their ears, some men and women produce excess cerumen that can build up and cause problems with their hearing. Having that buildup removed by a professional is the best course of action. Leigh Ann Watts, AUD, CCC-A, and Allison McMichael, AUD, offer cerumen removal at Beneficial Hearing Aid Center in Ocala, Florida. If you’re overdue for cerumen removal or are concerned that excess earwax might be negatively impacting your hearing, schedule an appointment at Beneficial Hearing Aid Center today, online or over the phone.

Cerumen (Earwax) Removal

What is cerumen?

Cerumen is the medical term for earwax, a substance your body produces to protect your ears. Cerumen has important antibacterial and lubricating properties, and is an essential part of healthy hearing. Too much cerumen, however, can pose a problem. 

Earwax can become impacted within your ear canal. That means the substance has accumulated to the point where your ear canal becomes blocked. 

What are the risks of cerumen impaction?

If your earwax becomes impacted, your body will no longer be able to efficiently move cerumen out of your ear canal. The blockage will continue to grow in size, which can impede hearing. 

Infection is also a risk of cerumen impaction. Bacteria or fungi trapped behind the blockage can benefit from a warm, dark, and moist environment, and begin to multiply rapidly. 

Too much cerumen also gets in the way of your ear exams, making it difficult for your hearing professional to complete a thorough evaluation. In these cases, professional ear cleaning is usually needed. 

What are the symptoms of cerumen impaction?

For many people, the first sign of earwax impaction is a sensation that something is just not right within one or both ears. Additional symptoms include:

  • Sensation of weight or fullness in your ear
  • Ringing of the ear (tinnitus)
  • Odor near your ear canal
  • Itching
  • Hearing trouble
  • Pain within your ear
  • Dizziness

If you notice these symptoms, call the Beneficial Hearing Aid Center team right away to schedule an exam and a professional ear cleaning. 

The knowledgable team has the training and experience needed to safely and effectively remove accumulated cerumen and assess your hearing function. 

Although most cases of cerumen blockage are caused by excessive buildup, there are rare and serious conditions that can also cause problems, and a professional exam can determine if additional treatment is warranted. 

For those men and women who experience frequent cerumen buildup, annual cleaning appointments are usually all that’s needed to clear the wax and prevent more serious blockages. 

During your visit, be sure to share your history with earwax blockage to help your provider create a cleaning schedule that’s right for you. 

Booking a visit with the Beneficial Hearing Aid Center team is as simple as a phone call. You can also try the convenient online scheduling tool, which allows you to set up your visit any time of day or night from the comfort of home.