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"I have severe hearing loss and have had for sometime. My family has encouraged me to get help for sometime. I told them I would when the technology got to what I felt would be good for me. Was this an excuse? I don’t know. Friends had told me the following were big, wind, background noise, plugging the ear. I am an active person and didn’t want something that did not fit into my lifestyle. Recently we had dinner with friends, he mentioned he had new aids and was telling me all about them. It all sounded too good to be true. The decision to go and get help is one that is very personal and one I wish I had done sooner. I made that call, was tested and I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am. I purchased the Pure by Siemens through Beneficial Hearing Aid Center and they are wonderful. I have had my new ears for two weeks and could not be happier. There is nothing negative I can say. I have been in all of the situations, golf, restaurants and movies with no problem. They are so comfortable you forget you have them on. I am looking forward to hearing my Grandchildren whisper. My advise is don’t wait, you owe it to yourself to get the best hearing possible, he best gift you will ever give yourself and your family."

- Patty Koele

"After having worn hearing aids for about 30 years and having dealt with two other companies, I would like to share my feelings about Beneficial. I have been with this great group about 13 years and in spite of my nerve damage loss gradually intensifying they have kept my hearing ability very satisfactory. They are a special group of dedicated, patient, caring individuals. If I could do a good dead for my fellow "hard of hearers" I would lead them to Beneficial."

- Frances Young

"I want to thank you very much for all the great service and the great favor you have done from me. From the inception when I first visited you, you were the most patient in answering my questions in deciding whether a hearing aid would help me. Also, I appreciated the complete absence of any pressure in choosing what hearing aid I wanted. Once again, when my new hearing aid was delivered, your expertise and patience in getting it adjusted to where I was completely comfortable were very much appreciated. You have proven to me that not only do you give great service, but that you are extremely honest and competitive in your pricing! Again, thank you very much."

- Allen Lankes

"The Direct Ear TV device that we purchased for my husband at Beneficial Hearing Aid Center is a great blessing to us. Now my husband stays awake and enjoys his programs because he is able to hearing and understand what he is watching. Furthermore, I am so happy because I can mute the TV which used to be on so loud it would really be a disturbance and annoyance to me. While the TV is muted for me, my husband is able to hear his programs! Fantastic? If I decide I want to listen then I turn the volume on to suit my hearing and we are both happy campers! I greatly recommend this device. It is worth trying for anyone who is hearing-impaired. I must also make mention of the excellent and curteous service given by all the staff at Beneficial Hearing Aid Center."

- Michael Caporaso

"I have worn a hearing aid since 1950 and am now profoundly deaf. It has been 14 years and I am still a faithful customer of Beneficial Hearing Aid Center. The people at Beneficial are my dear friends. They have helped me with my hearing needs above and beyond the call of duty. They have all taken that extra touch that makes me feel like family. Their expertise in the field of hearing instruments/Audiology is beyond the average hearing aid dealer. Being hard of hearing is no joke. Being fit with a proper hearing instrument is the key in being a part of the real world. If you want to be part of the "family", go to Beneficial and be part of the real world again. Thank you dear friends at Beneficial for your caring all these years."

- George Berlow

"I just received my new hearing aids from Beneficial Hearing Aid Center and may I say my hearing is now great. I have been going to Beneficial for some years now and these people have treated me so well. It is always a pleasure to go there. Thank you so much for these new hearing aids and please know how much you’re appreciated by people like me."

- Louise Hackett

"I have been wearing hearing aids for over 40 years. During this time, I have worn hearing aids made by numerous manufacturers. I can truthfully say that in all the years I have worn hearing aids, I have never had hearing aids perform or fit as well as the Siemens hearing instruments I purchased from Beneficial. The combination of Beneficial’s knowledgeable fit and Siemens quality product have made me very happy."

- Bill Loeffler

"Recently I came to your office to find what my options are with respect to my deafness. You gave me the most complete test I’ve ever had and after that a very clear assessment of my hearing and a review of my options. I was very impressed with your grasp of my situation and I finally felt I understood the facts about my deafness and how I can cope. Thank you for your help."

- Joanne Proctor

"Having a hearing problem is no fun especially if you are profoundly deaf. To be fit with a proper hearing instrument is a must and I have found that Beneficial Hearing Aid Center, which I have been going to for over 10 years, is an outstanding place to do business with. You can get an instrument at dozens of places, but it is the personal, caring attention and extra effort that Beneficial gives that makes it top notch. They have become my friends. There is no place like Beneficial."

- George Berlow

"I have worn hearing aids since the late 1960s and have had the opportunity to depend on a variety of audiologists over the years. Beneficial Hearing Aid Center has certainly been the most helpful and effective I have ever dealt with. It took several weeks of programming adjustments and replacing ear molds, but I am pleased to tell you they achieved the results I had hoped for. I realize my hearing loss is severe and improvements are not easy to come by. So the fact that they provided me with patience and professionalism combined to really make this improvement in my hearing & understanding that much more appreciated."

- Roger Patterson

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